This is my demo5 version of the RTKLIB code customized for improved performance with low-cost single frequency receivers.  It was last updated on 8/4/17 and is synced up to the b28 version of the 2.4.3 branch of RTKLIB.  This software is provided “AS IS” without any warranties of any kind so please be careful, especially if using it in any kind of real-time application.

The zip file also includes sample command files (*.cmd) and RTKLIB config files (*.conf) for the u-blox M8N and M8T receievers.

The latest version is demo5 b28a

Changes between b28  and b28a

  • Enabled Galileo sats in the M8T command file
  • Enabled Beidou constellation for RNX2RTKP
  • Fixed bug in CONVBIN for Galileo Rinex files created from u-blox receivers
  • Improved partial ambiguity resolution
  • General cleanup

Here is the previous version (b28):


Documentation on the differences between demo5 code and the 2.4.3 release code


Demo5 source code (Github repository)