This is the demo5 version of the RTKLIB code customized for improved performance with low-cost single frequency receivers.  It was last updated on 12/13/17 and is synced up to the b29 version of the 2.4.3 branch of RTKLIB.  This software is provided “AS IS” without any warranties of any kind so please be careful, especially if using it in any kind of real-time application.

The zip file also includes sample command files (*.cmd) and RTKLIB config files (*.conf) for the u-blox M8N and M8T receievers.

The latest version is demo5 b29b.  

Changes between b29a  and b29b

  • Merged most recent changes from Swiftnav Github page for Piksi Multi receiver
  • Fix bug in STRSVR in the overwrite file dialog
  • Fix bug in RTPLOT that prevented specifying an .ini file in the command line
  • Fix bug in "rcvstds" option for u-blox receivers

Here are the previous versions:

Changes between b29  and b29a

  • Merged most recent changes from Swiftnav Github page (adds ephemeris and GLONASS decode for Swiftnav receiver)
  • Fixed bug in kalman filter update for dynamics on.  The bug was introduced with the b29 changes from the 2.4.3 release 

Changes between b28a  and b29

  • Port b29 changes from 2.4.3 release code
  • Separate M8T .cmd files for USB and UART, solves missing data issue with extra Galileo observations
  • Reset kalman filter bias states for combined solution if fix-and-hold is enabled to avoid lock to false fixes


Documentation on the differences between demo5 code and the 2.4.3 release code

Demo5 source code (Github repository)